living trust attorney in Lakewood

How to find the best living trust attorney in Lakewood, California?

The median price of a single-family home in Lakewood, California, is $699,999 (as of April 2021). If you are a responsible homeowner in Lakewood, having a living trust set up is a must.

After all, $700,000 is a lot of money for most people… If something happens to you, who is going to get the house? In addition to the main residence, some Lakewood homeowners also have one or several rental properties. Others may also have cash, stocks, bonds, businesses, etc.

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probate costs in california

How Much Does It Cost to Probate a House in California?

You did your own research and then checked with a qualified California attorney: probate cannot be avoided. For you to step into your parents’ shoes and become a rightful owner of the property, the house must go through the probate process at a local court.

The next question on every heir’s mind is usually the following: How much does it cost to probate a house in California? In this post, we will break down probate costs in California so, continue reading to find out what it takes to go through the probate process.

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best trust lawyer in Downey

Why Homeowners in Downey Need a Living Trust ASAP

For most Downey residents, their home is the biggest purchase they will ever make. One cannot get a loan without purchasing home insurance and most homeowners will not think twice about protecting their assets this way. Unfortunately, not every homeowner in Downey has a living trust. 

Just like many Californians, some Downey residents mistakenly think that a living trust is for wealthy individuals or families only. This cannot be further from the truth!

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personal representative in a probate

How to Become a Personal Representative in California Probate

A relative has passed away and you are about to inherit their California property. You are probably saddened by the passing of your loved one, and now you must step into their shoes and decide what you want to do with the house: sell it, rent it, maybe even live in it.

If the original owner of the home had a living trust set up, the process is easy. A living trust spells out exactly who the successor trustee or trustees are and details what happens to the decedent’s assets.

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los angeles probate court

How to Get the Most of the Probate Petition (Judicial Counsel Form DE-111) if You Are a Real Estate Agent or Investor

If you a California real estate agent or investor and you are looking to buy probate properties at a discount, you probably have been told to pull the Probate Petition, also known as Judicial Counsel Form DE-111.

You will want to get your hands on the same petition if you hope to score a listing too – in case the heirs decide to sell the inherited home, as it contains vital information you will need to attain your objective.

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