Paul Horn estate planning attorney

Top 3 Reasons You Need an Up-to-Date Estate Plan

Most of us do not dedicate our time to learning more about topics like estate planning, because we may not know that we need an estate plan or realize the benefits associated with having one.

There are some common beliefs you may have about estate planning that may be inaccurate: that having a will avoids probate, being married means everything a spouse owns goes to their surviving spouse, and a person does not need an estate plan if they own few assets.

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pamela horn piano prodigy

From Piano Lessons to Carnegie Hall: Celebrating a Journey of Music and Achievement

In life, some moments take you by surprise, and then some moments leave you astounded. Today, I’m excited to share one of those awe-inspiring moments from my own life, something I don’t typically do.

It’s a story that began two and a half years ago when my wife and I decided to enroll our daughter, Pamela, in piano lessons.

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bills and services to cancel when your loved one dies

Bills and Services to Cancel—and Keep—When a Loved One Dies

A loved one’s passing is challenging on many different levels. In addition to the emotional difficulty of processing someone’s death, there are also the many tasks that must be dealt with, such as going through their various accounts and taking the necessary steps to cancel them or transfer ownership.  

 Most people subscribe to multiple digital subscription services in addition to utilities, insurance, memberships, medical prescriptions, and other recurring payment programs. Settling these accounts helps avoid unnecessary charges and protect against identity theft and fraud.

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grandchildren and grandparents

Three Types of Trusts to Plan for Minor Children and Grandchildren

There are certain reasons that establishing an estate plan can be of the utmost importance. Having minor children or grandchildren is one of those reasons. Most parents do not have time to keep up with their own tasks, let alone consider what would happen if they died while their children were still minors, but having a comprehensive plan in place for their children is very important.

It can be motivating to know that a well thought-out and carefully drafted plan can last over eighteen years. Most parents have carefully considered what values they want to instill upon their children, but you may not realize that establishing a trust can allow you to essentially parent from beyond the grave.

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four things your spouse should know before you die

Four Things Your Spouse Should Know Before You Die

It is normal for married couples to share almost every aspect of their lives with each other. But when it comes to death, even the closest couples might become tight-lipped about certain topics. According to one study, half of all couples fail to discuss their dying wishes.1

 Death is final for the departed. For the surviving spouse, death can leave unanswered questions. As uncomfortable as it might be to discuss subjects like burial arrangements and remarriage, they should be broached as part of creating a comprehensive estate plan.

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