Ok here's the thing.. No one likes to think about what will happen when you die.. but let's be real there are two certainties in life.. Death and taxes.. lucky for us Paul specializes in both!! Came here because my co worker recommended him.. not exactly the most fun topic around the water cooler that Monday but I needed someone to create our trust and based on his Yelp reviews I said why not! Making an appointment was a breeze.. And to my surprise so was the whole process.. I was sent a packet and all the information I needed to prepare.. but to be honest I was dreading the appointment.. full on anxiety/panic attack mode.. sweaty palms.. increased heart rate.. you know what I'm talking about.. I get nervous and don't want to ask stupid questions but Paul eased all my worries and answered all my questions.. he was very knowledgeable and not intimidating at all.. my kind of attorney/cpa!!
Jen L.
Jen L.
San Diego,
Attorney Paul Horn and his staff are very accommodating and professional.
I had asked for a consultation regarding a family Trust which needed to be restated.
The front staff called to verify a day ahead and also gave advice about what documents to bring to the appointment.
Very helpful and very informative.
I am happy with the quick turnaround.
There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that my family has ensured a hassle free succession.
Initial consultation was no charge.
Final documents were printed and an electronic copy provided as well.
Recommend to anyone with a family financial interest.
I will be coming back for my own personal financial planning.
Joyce A. recommends trust and probate attorney Paul Horn
Joyce A.
I'm so grateful to God that I found this law office. There are not enough words to express how appreciative I am. Thanks to Paul Horn, I was able to save my Grandmother's home.
Tamarae R.
Gardena, CA,
I can't say enough about EVERYONE at this office! They were all so nice and at the same time, ultimate professionals! Paul is a very nice guy and he and his staff were super gracious when it came to explaining everything. I will refer them to my friends for sure. THANK YOU!!!
Lisa L.
Paul did a great job educating us on probate real estate transactions today. By attending his class, I have already saved money! He will certainly be a good referral for our business and for our Clients.
Jim C.
Jim C.
Trabuco Canyon, CA,
Solid. He helped my parents in law with creating a trust, they have some residential and commercial properties and different assets. Paul was professional and informative throughout the process.
Good prices too. He has a new, well designed office which was nice. I didn't know it at the time but apparently he's so good that he even gives seminars. As we just bought a home recently, my wife and I will be going to him as well.
Jones T.
Jones T.
San Francisco, CA,
Great service from Paul Horn. My family went to him for help with creating a living trust. He was informative and patient, making the whole process much easier to go through. As my husband and I prepare to purchase our first home in the near future, we will definitely be calling for Paul's expertise to protect our property and assets.
Maria M.
Maria M.
Richmond, CA,
Paul Horn is clearly an expert in estate planning and probate. While very professional in his approach, he is very compassionate with his clients' situations.

As a real estate professional, I would recommend that all of my clients connect with Paul and allow him to review their estate to ensure their hard-earned investments are fully protected.

The worst thing to see is an estate become unnecessarily bogged down in a lengthy and costly probate process.

Paul, I thank you for who you are and what you do for our community.
Matt W.
Irvine, CA,
Wow. Attended his A to Z seminar today. Mr Horn is an exceptional speaker. And the probate information is provided in layman terms.
Very professional. We will definitely be seeking him out to prepare our Trust and referring our friends & relatives to him !!!
Thank you Mr Horn !!!
Jo An G.
San Diego, CA,
We had Paul as a guest speaker at our real estate investment club and he was incredibly informative about how to find probate deals. He was not only a great speaker, he was energetic and amusing, keeping our group entertained. If you'd like to see for yourself, we have the live stream, video clips, podcast and photos from the event on our websites:

Jackie G.
Glendale, CA,