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Ok here's the thing.. No one likes to think about what will happen when you die.. but let's be real there are two certainties in life.. Death and taxes.. lucky for us Paul specializes in both!! Came here because my co worker recommended him.. not exactly the most fun topic around the water cooler that Monday but I needed someone to create our trust and based on his Yelp reviews I said why not! Making an appointment was a breeze.. And to my surprise so was the whole process.. I was sent a packet and all the information I needed to prepare.. but to be honest I was dreading the appointment.. full on anxiety/panic attack mode.. sweaty palms.. increased heart rate.. you know what I'm talking about.. I get nervous and don't want to ask stupid questions but Paul eased all my worries and answered all my questions.. he was very knowledgeable and not intimidating at all.. my kind of attorney/cpa!!
Jen L.
San Diego,
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